Unable to uninstall the 404 feature

Sep 24, 2012 at 4:26 AM

I was wondering if anyone had been able to successfully retract and uninstall this feature.

I am running SharePoint 2007.

When retracting in the Solution Management screen the status changes to 'error'.

I am then still able to delete the solution using : stsadm –o deletesolution –name SharePointSmart404.wsp –override

However, it appears the 404 feature is still not back to its default settings.
i.e. The page spsredirect.aspx page is shown but the "oldUrl" parameter is still populated.

I would like to remove the solution before we upgrade to SharePoint 2010 just to minimise our site customisations.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to resolve this issue they would be much appreciated.


Sep 24, 2014 at 6:52 AM
I'm having the same issue, also looking to upgrade a site to 2010. Would be interested if anyone knows the answer.