"Vanity" redirects

Sep 22, 2008 at 7:35 PM
I'm wondering what needs to be done to implement the Redirect functionality?  I can see that the Vanity Redirect list gets created in the Sharepoint site, but adding items to the list does not seem to cause the redirects to begin working.
Oct 23, 2008 at 1:28 PM
Very hard to tell.
Most likely I would expect your 404.html page not to have been registered with the sharepoint application, thus not making any changes to the redirect part.

Bear in mind, that the functionality logically is this (due to technical constraints by MOSS)
1. user requests page that does not exist
2. user is redirected to the MOSS web applications default "not found" html page (which should have been registered)
3. the 404 html page redirects to an aspx page (which can have woohoo actual logic, in it)
4. the aspx page looks up the redirect SPList based on the requested url (placed in the request parameter ?oldurl=whatIwasAskingFor)
5. if found, the aspx page whisks the user away to given location.

Yours may be failing at or about part 2 then? Or perhaps 3.
Really hard to tell without further information.