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Project Description
The SharePoint Smart 404 project provides enhanced 404 support for SharePoint and support for vanity URL's.

Details on the Latest Update can be found at

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Josh Carlisle

Welcome to the SharePoint Smart 404 Project home page. This project provides an intelligent 404 page for SharePoint ,vanity redirection functionality, and exception management and custom display.

10/1/2010 - Version 1.0
Version 1.0 has been released. This contains significant architectual updates. Previous releases should be uninstalled. Please see for latest details including a complete webcast and slide deck on the functionality and recent updates.


4/20/2009 - Release Candidate 1

4/2/2009 - Based on some feedback in the last few months another update for this forthcoming in the coming days.

These updates include:
- Improved 404 Redirect for pages supported by runtime such as aspx pages that don't encur the double hop affect of the html based redirect of the SharePoint 404 (HttpModule)
- Friendly Error Logging and Display - Displays friendly error messages and logs exceptions to a error log list.
- Better WSS Support on Search Results Page

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